No-Bake Chocolate Haystacks

I’m pretty sure my husband has the Keto Flu. It’s rough to go through! He’s been craving sweets as much as I craved McDonald’s french fries during my first pregnancy!

I flipped through one of my new cookbooks, The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen, and found a quick cookie recipe: No-Bake Haystack Cookies.

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No-bake drop cookies are my favorite! This Keto-friendly version adds coconut and pecans instead of oatmeal, and swaps Swerve for sugar. These seriously taste even better than the original because they are so rich in cocoa!

In fact, the chocolate was too much for my youngest to handle! (She’s my vanilla girl!)

My oldest has discovered that eating desserts made with erythritol (Swerve), then drinking water, will cause the water to taste sweet!

These definitely hit the spot to ease my husband’s cravings!

Author: Jennifer

Wife and mother. Runner and dancer. Caker and gamer. Coffee and travel. Wine and whiskey. Books and comic books.

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