Advent Wreath Cupcakes

Last week, when my oldest daughter came out of her Sunday school class, she told me that she signed up to bring a snack to their class party for this weekend.

Oh – and she told everyone that I would make 24 cupcakes that had Advent wreaths and candles.


At least she told me then, and not the day before!

Between Christmas parties, dance recitals, Christmas plays, shopping, cooking, and personal hygiene…all I could say was CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I decided to make mini-cupcakes because these dang kids hardly ever finish a regular cupcake! However, my decorating precision had to be on point! (And it was!)

Since it’s Gaudete Sunday, I decided to “light” 3 candles!


Author: Jennifer

Wife and mother. Runner and dancer. Caker and gamer. Coffee and travel. Wine and whiskey. Books and comic books.

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